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We gather, sift, and interpret competitive intelligence using data and text embedded in a myriad of seemingly unrelated articles, reports, journals, presentations, speeches, newsletters, press releases, notices, advertisements, websites, blogs, forums, social networks, interviews, legal and SEC filings, government publications, and interviews.

  • We map the data and text contained in these scattered sources to identify themes, hypotheses, and conclusions for you to then add your views into a broad-based set of findings
  • Clients use these findings to probe the odds of adverse financial events striking their company, assemble possible response options, and apply scenario planning to test the degree to which these options might lessen damage
  • In addition, blindspots, or i) untested assumptions, ii) myths, and iii) taboos or rule-based thinking, are exposed to help avoid bias and exploit rivals who are paralyzed by these errors in judgement
  • The central question: What does the intelligence mean?