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Financing focuses on raising senior or junior capital for companies at various stages along the performance spectrum, especially in those situations where difficulties are more prominent. Key to each project is estimating the risk rating from both the perspective of the lender or the investor, determining the odds of default, and identifying the best sources for senior or junior capital. In turn, we use Test Drive to evaluate different financing options and structural components likely to influence the creditor or investor approval process. To learn more about Penn Hudson, please contact us.

Questions asked by our clients about financing include:

  • How does my risk rating affect not just loan pricing, but the willingness of a new lender to complete a deal?
  • Is government financing, such as the SBA, available for my circumstances?
  • What are the most critical metrics that banks review?
  • Do I need a different presentation for investors looking to provide junior capital?
  • If I have several years of losses, are my prospects for new financing remote?
  • Who are the most likely sources for junior capital in my industry?

Financing projects completed by us include:

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