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The Test Drive platform is an integrated system of analysis based on years of providing advice in complex and demanding situations. It brings key drivers of a company into focus and integrates them in a user-friendly way that improves performance, enhances decision-making and results in events having a high probability of success. Comprised of five modules – Strategy, Performance, Financing, Mergers and Analytics, we use Test Drive in most of our engagements. To learn more about Penn Hudson, please contact us.

  • Test Driving connotes our using the Test Drive platform interactively with management and key stakeholders. Clients can experiment with different ways of running a company, selecting the approaches that might work best and doing so with a higher degree of confidence; decisions imposed from the outside or made in isolation are not sustainable
  • The Test Drive platform is a highly flexible, forecast-based system whose modules address five areas of corporate finance. Modules are structured to focus on relationships between key drivers of performance – growth, margin, investment and return. Individual modules contain certain unique types of inquiry, but the integrated design of the Test Drive platform ensures that all modules are accessible in any specific engagement
  • All modules point to events. Events are outcomes segregated into Revitalize, Rebalance, Refinance, Redeploy, and Reimagine. Depending on the circumstances, these events have different applications depending on the circumstances