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Founded in 1988, Penn Hudson has advised more than 400 companies, financial institutions, private equity groups, and shareholders as to strategy, performance, financing, mergers, and analytics, as well as to those in food and agriculture through our specialty group, FoodAgri. During this period, we completed over $3 billion in transactions across a myriad of circumstances typically for restructuring, refinancing, and M&A purposes. For each engagement, we help identify options so you can determine how your choices affect your outlook. In addition, during the past several years, we developed Test Drive, a proprietary platform for our clients to experiment with concepts that change their business and then select from amongst a myriad of possibilities what works best. To learn more about Penn Hudson, please contact us.

  • What Matters Most is our central question for each engagement and at its base, is the foundation of Test Drive
  • As opposed to other approaches to assessing available choices, answering the question as to What Matters Most is accomplished not in isolation, but in connection with other factors that affect a business, its lenders, its investors, and its shareholders