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Strategy focuses on identifying options and choosing amongst them those with a higher likelihood of success. In turn, we use Test Drive to examine key drivers and their effects on value and return, what is the rate of affordable growth, how the risk profile shifts under different scenarios and how these scenarios compare to one another. To learn more about Penn Hudson, please contact us.

Questions asked by our clients about strategy include:

  • How do I decide what options are possible and will you provide me with the flexibility to use ranges of expectations as opposed to a singe number?
  • Are the changes inherent in the options really feasible and how do they affect other areas of my business?
  • What matters most when comparing growth, margin, and reinvestment needs, and can I incorporate my preference for risk into the process?
  • Do you link my possible options to how much, if any, capital is required and if I need additional capital, how do I go about raising the funds?
  • If I decide to sell part or all of my company, how do I estimate not just the value to me, but also the likely value to a suitor?
  • If one or more acquisitions are part of my strategy, how do I identify candidates and evaluate them relative to how they might fit with my business?

Strategy projects completed by us include:

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